This Dolezal chick is simply trying to play ya’ll.

This concept of race being fluid is mumbo jumbo or existential nonsense. People are good at making stuff up, like American history for example. The human species rather, is quite fluid already fundamentally and its varied superficial attributes are merely samples of biodiversity.

What she proposes narcissistically is with her arcane and inane subtleties of having transcended race within the human species — a faux phylogenetic form of being. Apparently the rest of us are so behind this imagined evolutionary curve to understand her, so she feels this agonizing victimization, even from her own children. This is existential whiteness personified and it's not cute.

What gets conflated on both sides of the socially constructed divide is race and culture, but you can’t mix oil (the former)and water (the latter). Unless you use an emulsifier like socioeconomic violence. Due to aspects of intercultural denseness from below, what rises to the top is this toxicity (double-entendre).

While the subscription to whiteness does great psychological harm to those who are deemed white, consequentially, those who are not deemed white are as a result tremendously harmed physically and psychologically as oppressed. This is a vicious cycle and it is self-reinforcing when there is this undue attention, appeasement, complicity, complacency, placating, and consent to the idea of race.

Now I am not one of those “Black people [who] don’t claim whiteness but they deny or diminish Blackness”, as you rightfully call out in context. But the signficance of culture within the Black diaspora does diminish when you attempt to portray a monolith of that size and capacity. Culture is much more meaningful and harder to give up or exchange for meaningless hierarchical raciality.

The American Jewish people are in a similar yet more advantageous bind of having to reconcile their paradoxical and contradictory whiteness, while placating a majority establishment hell-bent on dominating and oppressing people of color.

The paradox and contradictions of being Black feeds whiteness and encourages dehumanization oftentimes unwittingly. This makes the possibility of a race war palpable. People of color should not have to prove their humanity to those who deem themselves white or to be a byproduct of whiteness. But we oftentimes end up doing so in particular for vanity and pride as well as a defense mechanism, but also it appears in vain.

Dolezal’s claim to Blackness is also not only in vain, but something that is vain-glorious of her to seek and it is very much a point she want to impress upon with Blacks as much as with Whites.

But we’re not impressed Sam.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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