This essay is sharp and stimulating. This is exactly how truth reads and feels. George Will and the like have mastered the art of sophism such that incredulously and deservingly we should start handing out awards that recognize their high degree of immorality out to them periodically.

One of several noteworthy statements you have made has me wondering how and why we should accept census categorizations that simply substanitiate or justify white supremacy. And why we should continue to accept and not question their de facto categorization of themselves in the world.

I only hope that these minority pawns consider deprecating whiteness instead of appeasing or aligning themselves with their aberrant ideology of racializations which leads to their own dehumanization.

White supremacy's claim on the world is so fraudulent that it has become a necessary chore to be cognizant to their scam at all times.


It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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