This guy has actually convinced himself of his own actively produced ignorance on this matter and he wields his belief insensitivity in such a puerile manner that the force of his statements are simply just dull.

Only someone who believes that their illegitimate social position within this racial and gender based hierarchy affords them the right to false justifications and deluded framing of empirical evidence.

Furthermore none of what Marley K. has written come off as accusations nor excuses. Apparently he is confusing this with our resistance to marginalization and our persistence towards justice and equality.

I am neither shocked nor impressed by any of his statements or remarks as they are unconvincing. There is also this uncompelling pattern of him using this fallacious appeal to his self-ordained authority, and his apparent appeal to spite to persuade you into believing that he has made cogent points. Again, this is absurd.

There is nothing serious to consider with his statements, there is nothing enlightening about his statements, and there is also no reason for him to believe that he is even close to being eruditely competitive with you or Marley K., let alone winning with this argument.

By the way his response to me is telling.

Chris only in your delusion do you think you can reduce me.

Actual words of wisdom right here…

Our voices are not here for you to deconstruct like an inept composition teacher, policing them for the supposed ‘right’ and much quieter tone that ensures we can eventually be heard. That gentle and even tone so many of us have used over the centuries — the tone that supposedly makes it easier to hear us — is a strange tool. Although gentleness will always have its place in polite discourse, pushing it on us has also proved an effective way to decrease our visibility and render us easily forgotten.

Whether you’re being willfully or naively obtuse, more and more people are done with coddling you by perpetuating the story you prefer to tell yourself about how things get better for people who aren’t you.— Ré Harris

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