This imagined conundrum mentioned is based on the dominant framing or ongoing white narrative impressed upon us by the media. It is being posed to us as this either you are with or against proposition of Omarosa’s character and role as a civil servant. One that is unqualified at best and remarkably insipid at worst.

There is no either your with Omarosa’s convenient intersectionality as a black woman or your with Trump side in all of this. The Black diasopra cannot be reduced and oversimplified by such irrational and deceptive logic. My participation with Black pride and freedom is not on the line here and neither should it be in jeopardy over Omarosa’s comeuppance. Obviously this woman of her own free will put herself in harms way for the sake of opportunity and in the process disregarded our plight and the Black experience of injustice.

My Blackness is non-negotiable and therefore my interactions with whites or any other groups are not ethically or morally transactional. Blackness at its core is about humanity. Not coming to her defense or rescue in any form or fashion is not consequential to my Blackness. She simply lacks any representativeness that would warrant coming to any form of her defense.

Lastly, I misread nothing written, and you can have the last word, I’m done.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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