This is a frustrating and irritating issue and not only do I share your exasperations with it, I also feel that it is irremediable.

I consider what I wrote a thought piece and not an inculcation. I take my own humanity into consideration and would never forsake it for opportunistic gains that would dehumanize one group over another.

But I do recognize that this is the game that most Americans are incentivized to want to play — inadvertently or not. It’s cultural and it is difficult for most to unlearn it.

I read your most recent piece titled “Confused Identity”, and it was so incredibly alarming and poignant to see a perfect example of a latent virus in our midst. Some flare up and some just remain dormant — harmful to the collective human existence and its experience nontheless.

A tribal conscience is difficult to comprehend let alone defeat. It lacks scruples and is not even wrong, it is wronger than wrong. With such distorted views it is quite evident that they operate with blindspots that are so wide that they can’t even see straight.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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