‘This Is America’ Is Neither

The Recording Academy says it is both Song of the Year and Record of the Year but I beg to differ

Childish Gambino — This Is America (Official Music Video) — YouTube

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This track by Childish Gambino can only be worthy of an MTV Video With A Message Award for its viscerally repugnant imagery depicting the overpowering effects of white supremacy…if you were to minstrelsy allow for such depravity to just up and cajole your soul.

In my short but deep opinion

Rather than be reminded of this self-defeating prophesying of art imitating life, this artistically open-ended approach and or reproach to defining social ills is unascertainable there.

It can’t be the Song of The Year because it is lyrically unmoving, and not very memorable even with its repetitious savor in tone with its vapid conveyance of being trapped within a trap.

And it can’t be Record of The Year because though the arrangement is tuneful it still is overly reliant upon its visual accompaniment to have any resounding affect of artistry.

This is America is neither

What This is is corruption and what America is is an abstract prop for democratism — existing only in theory and remotely being practiced from our hearts and our minds — like music.

It’s like this wishing well where it sounds like the pure refreshing tastes of life, liberty and happiness might be found if you are naive and eagerly unwitting enough to fall right in for it.

To the Recording Academy, If you are just trying to give us one, then this particular piece is the wrong one to give it to.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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