This is an incredibly revealing esposè on social processing that rarely gets discussed in the way that it has been presented here. The depth of which your skills Lecia as a writer, pointedly capturing and frankly highlighting are quite insightful, where elsewhere never fully addressed because it is simply overlooked or muted.

Many of these white friendships are socially manufactured in and by motivated ignorance: using the tools of white supremacy; designs of entitlement; and labor of racism, and in differing stages of its production and social activity this large scale production of this phenomena of callousness saturates our society with this immoral identity juxtaposed among moral sensibilities.

The hazards as a consequence or costs to this social engineering apparently are outweighed by the corruptive or scandalous benefits that it produces for American society. The white male counterpart to my experience have for the most part predicated friendships on its transactional value. For instance it is quite common that if you are an athlete white friendships will emerge, especially if you develop into a star athlete. The same goes for star musicians or vocalists, or any other high profile realm of celebrity and economic success. If you are exceptional at work it is inevitable that you be befriended by whiteness.

The motives on their part are not only affective, they are effective in their exploitation, abuse and neglect towards Blacks or any other minority in its suppression and accordance to a racial hierarchy as pointed out in this article. That sort of moral callousness operates on a well established network of motivated ignorance and insensitive beliefs that is the antithesis of pro-social behavior and attitudes.

Once again this was an insightful read.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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