This is an intriguing piece and warrants some dissecting to fully appreciate the enlightenment that it imbues on the “manifestation of stress and tension”; the main ingredients for conflict. My college experience in the US as is most likely the norm for people of color was spent under unnecessary duress from the majoritarian democracy on campus; whereby the administrations as well as most of the professors are seemingly complicit.

The apparent complicity is both daunting to unmask and bring to attention, even in an environment conducive to discovery. It would also require becoming fully distracted and enraged in order to steer right into this head-on collision with the societal ills underpinning racial constructs that dictate your station and presence in society. To say that the students are distracted at Mizzou, Yale, and the like along with the intersectionality it redresses with Garissa University College in Kenya in the mix, is an absolute understatement.

The insensitive media or media oligarchy that you describe here are also complicit and seek to only placate the sincere fiction of the homolingual stance. Put simply many would rather choose the truth over truthiness, (nod to Stephen Colbert here) and many feel slighted by the attributes of malintent in reporting and the apparent attempt to interpret events around the world as we should see it.

This makes the silent rage quite distressing for minorities especially those who are 1st generation Americans who tend to take aversiveness to task in order to help facilitate the tattered American dreams of our forebears. I suspect that the fleeting trances of this shared general response portends to the disparity in health outcomes amongst the black population contributing to a heightened susceptibility to hypertension.

This is real and yet whites seem more resentful toward the plight and the struggle to exist and persist — yes with whites included. It’s as if something intangible would have to be given in exchange. How did liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness become a zero-sum game?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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