This is charlantry at its most beguiling — draining the swamp. But will Trump supporters ever look in the mirror after obligingly cutting off their nose to spite their face?

The agency was actually in the midst of creating a more competitive environment for accountability and trust, inspiring a more consumer oriented service as oppose to business as usual, usury abuse of bank oriented servicing.

They assume that this is a typical horse and cart situation where of course you are the horse pulling on a cart — that is the bank. It is anything but typical. There is no equal and opposing force or mutual exchange of risk and value between the bank and consumers as seen in this depiction.

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Guys like Mulvaney and the like think the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is actually doing this below which would appear nonsensical.

Why put the consumer before the cart? The way that this is being framed is a jedi mind trick. Banks depend on us just as we depend on them, in fact we are essential in pulling them along or securing or servicing assets for us, that is their fiduciary duty.

However, we have been primarily on the side of abuse and this depiction below illustrates what I mean.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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