This is good stuff Sam. What I have deduced from this report is that degree inflation has reflexively induced a false prerequisite to narrow the field while also diminishing the art of interviewing. I find that the interview process becomes more like a personality contest or reality show rather than a insightful dialogue about the knowledge, experience and value-added attributes being offered to the position sought. In other words a lot of interviewers don’t know how to interview because they overly rely on the algorithms of the screening process.

What I could adduce about this report is that such a rigid qualification for positions that doesn’t require or currently is being held by non-degreed positions still doesn’t produce career advancement or mobility within organizations, nor do they create enough of a tiered space that would legitimate the need for 4-year degrees.

If HR was doing what it is suppose to do for the organization then what would result could amount to a number of efficiencies that would promote morale and loyalty to the organization. In the advent of six sigma though this cannot be realized especially when it makes for a more robust economy on a macro level.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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