This is how you have a civil, frank and open discussion about a very contentious and sensitive topic that affects all humans.

I agree with you that racism is complex and difficult to grasp, but it is a condition that one can easily adapt to. This is what makes it so perplexing.

For instance while I maintain that Blacks can't actually be racists because they cannot truly benefit from a construct that they in fact, simply serve as the basis of…is, well — because it is quite absurd, but nonetheless there are those who do espouse or better yet adapt to racism with illegitimate and contradicting individual right to hold some grudge or insensitive belief-- a belief that doesn't change in light of profound and incontrovertible evidence, and a grudge that is misplaced.

That Blacks can't be racist, would seem refutable in light of the anti-Asian violence that has gone viral recently. However that trope ignores the shared experiences of discrimination, resistance, and oppression that both minority groups face in this country and disregards the role of the systems that positioned minority groups there in the first place.

I want to emphasize this adaptation here and the source of that adaptation. You can adapt to a negative environment in ways that perpetuate such negativity, and maybe even unwittingly or out of survivability. And it all centers around a false narrative and faux history proffered by our institutions that need to be unlearned and discredited.


It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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