This is something I will have to write about and elaborate on for my namesake: Interculturalisticman. What is blatantly evident here is the lack of cultural competence that some allies and or alleged allies have in our efforts to sustain progressive movements of civil rights. Cultural competence is an established developmental requirement for being human regardless of whether you are an ally or not. It is the underlying basis of commerce, health, and communication.

Cultural competence, the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures, helps to ensure the needs of all community members are addressed.

By the way the United States is a multicultural society it is markedly less diverse only due to the oppressive institutions and forms of injustice from predatory racialized groups of whom are interdependent on each other to keep up the fraudulent concept of race.

The misunderstanding that civil rights is strictly a “black thing” and not a human thing is a misnomer. It is being demanded and brought to the forefront by the oppressive attitudes and behaviors in dehumanizing black people but it is broadly applicable to all walks of life who are treated unjustly and disparately. Due to the historical precedent and on going strife and socioeconomic imbalance that continues to this day we have every right to call this out when we see it. Unbeknownst to them it appears that they are doing black people a favor. Really? 🤔 This sort of thinking is akin to you doing your parents a favor by taking out the trash. Or would you simply consider living under the same roof in filth a plausible option because you think its not your problem?

This befitting trash ideological stance for and in certain activism is laughable to me. No matter how you want to frame it, not taking the trash out in earnest or merely gloating about it, and or seeking kudos for doing it a few times still stinks nonetheless.

Thank you Lecia. 😉

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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