This is the root of any social problem you can think of. I have a piece nearing completion to release. I am hoping to get the tenor right before I do. But more on this.

Many have probably noticed the annual string of car commercials out this holiday where the man is seen buying his wife a car for christmas. Yes! A car requiring registration, taxes and license plate fees to be paid, plus insurance. Mercedes and Lexus used to go at it hard, but now Kia and GMC trucks. Dealerships are motivated to move their year specific inventory by year end and I am guessing one of the best ways to do this is to romanticize their sales tactics with a slightly larger than average MSR(manufacturer’s suggested retail) discount.

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Average car price versus the average income in the US

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Being generous there, but it is household meaning two after payroll taxes.

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According to the math, How?!?!? Do you not rent or have a mortgage to pay? Groceries, and other monthly living expenditures?

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The aggregate housing costs for a mortgage is $1,494.

So who do you know really did this without sticking the giftee with a bill and maintenance costs to remember?

But the pretty big red bow on top is supposed to represent what real couples do when they are really in love. Farcical. Not only are certain parents teaching their girls to expect this in a loving relationship, boys are expected to deliver by socioeconomic standards in our capitalistic society.

Most couples don’t even want to have frank conversations about these car commercials. Too busy frontin’ I guess.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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