This is true and what it represents is a dangerous and deleterious precedent that still warrants us to challenge brazenly impolitic patriarchal norms. With power and influence comes responsibility and accountability. It should be both ways in this instance instead these men are having it both ways to the irresponsibility and unaccountability of their misuse with these infelicitous misdeeds.

What this tells us is that once you have been granted the entitlement and privilege upon entering a different social class with its status and influence license is granted to the abuse in whatever form inflicted on the vulnerable among us.

It also shades our perspective. It makes us cynical, which only tends to strengthen an already vicious cycle of psychological and social warfare.

It is because Fairfax is Black and a male that I hold him to a standard that we have collectively fought, resisted, and persisted to stand above — to deny a double standard that has kept us marginalized and oppressed for far too long. This is where and why ‘for the greater good’ has been lost on us. We seek equality to the positive because it is sustainably civil and honorable, but when we seek equality to the negative, then we stand to lose more than what we could otherwise accomplish with such an appeal.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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