😂This is why I know none of my articles will ever be featured, or receive that many “claps”, and I am absolutely okay with that because I understand (not overstand) the logic behind it.

Based on reading your agreeable and well thought out comments to that article Clay, I am not even going to entertain or further disillusion the writer by responding and granting him further Medium capital in the form of “views” and “reads”, let alone “claps”.

There are a number of writers and or trolls out there who seem to think that they are displaying an air of intelligence when they hypothetically pose both questionable and counterfactual arguments that ignore empirical evidence and straight up facts to what is truly undebatable. This is an example of intellectual abuse — when people knowingly use tactical logic to defend bad ideas that cannot be proven wrong via simplification. This is no different than getting drawn into it with flat earth theorists. Until you actually put them on a space shuttle (very costly and utterly impermissible for a variety of reasons) and launch their asses out there to see for themselves, they will persist with conspiratorial and counterfactual nonsense — just because.

With ego in tow they know that most would tire easily when trying to dismantle false justifications or it would be exhaustingly tedious to dispute false equivalences. It is easy to get away with such absurdity in the sociopolitical realms of discussion or rather the back and forth zingers, but outside of that it would be easily dismissed as nonsensical and devoid of critical thinking skills.

It is moments like these that I am reminded: that we underestimate how many of these individuals are in circulation, how independent this characteristic is from any accomplishment or status they hold, and how damaging they are in terms of influence and misinformation.

And to what benefit? Because the logic they present is certainly harmful to everyone including themselves in the end.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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