This Means Nothing

The institutional damage done by church and state is a long gone conclusion

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This matter has not been resolved nor will it be resolved under this presidency, nor in this stream of divisive and racialized consciousness of both church and state. Not as long as evangelicals and other members of the church view Trump as a modern day Cyrus with a biblical mandate. Not as long as both the republicans and democrats continue to use Trump populism as a vehicle to politically corrupt conservatism and vitiate liberalism for self- enrichment and profit.

It has become more and more evident then, that life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a fulfillment deterred for the vast majority of Americans. More and more Americans like me, whether of color or not, tend to be politically homeless in this country. We have not only been disillusioned, but displaced in our own country.

We are not simply a disaffected bunch with church and state. We have essentially been excluded and silenced due to lack of affiliation with competing factions whose interests predominately seeks to destroy our interdependence on and for one another. We all remain annoyed and unimpressed by the display of competing interests that undermine and take advantage of a contingent among us who are simply trying to eek out a living without causing another any harm.

As the politically displaced we are seen but not counted and therefore share no identity with the state or the church which makes us susceptible to exploitation through their faux gestures of virtues and explicit acts of vices.

There is no media parade or award for being dispassionate and openminded. There is no acknowledgement for holding humanitarian views, attitudes and beliefs. There is just people of various Trump-like qualities and characteristics competing in this imagined zero-sum game of existential social constructs designed to manipulate and control populations for capital vices.

Let’s not forget what we need to do come November 2018. We need to stake our claim and be seen, be heard, and also taken seriously, as the glue that holds this country together.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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