This normalization of white nationalism is spot on CV Vitolo-Haddad. The political media complex with its dominant framing of its perception of white nationalism has not only used journalistic license to proclaim such normalizing — in what has already been a normal situation in the U.S., it seeks to conflate this racial identity that is seeded with racism with a false equivalence of victimization or political incorrectness as substitution for its motivated ignorance.

By placating them, and giving credence to their platitudes without much empirical analysis and debate seems only to me like sympathizing with them. This can be seen as energizing their more extreme counterparts on the violent periphery of their perceived existential battle for the preservation of whiteness. Their belief insensitivity is based on an unrelenting resentfulness and an engrossing antipathy towards others. Nothing more and nothing less.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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