This rationalized response in defense of Donald Trump and his expressed racism is a perfect example of the vacuousness that inundates us daily. This framing which is fraught with plausible deniability concludes only one thing. That we have legitimated a contingency within our electorate representing an “ignorance of ignorance”, and a negligent sentiment towards sociopolitical issues.

In unsurprising fashion you have taken facts and misread and misinterpret them in an attempt to be tribal and not acknowledge the accountability of whiteness arising from an unpopular and incompetent governance under the Trump administration. An administration that is failing miserably on its constitutional commitment to serve and protect democracy.

By the way Hilary Clinton may not be as racist as Trump but she is a racist all the same. I never stated anywhere that she wasn’t because I never brought her up. However you have in order to make irrelevant androcentric arguments.

I am also neither far left or left. You don’t have that power to pigeonhole me.

Furthermore many racist people employ black people because they are skilled and talented. I am one of them. They make money that way. They become popular that way. They use us. They have been doing this since they put them on ships against their will, placed them in bondage, and made them chattel. American history that is not so ahistorical. Because of institutional callousness, Trump and the like are able to take advantage of labor market distortion that derive from stigma, prejudice and discrimination. This is what happens when opportunities become artificially scarce for overqualified Blacks. They end up in regrettable places, but in order to set a precedent, feed your family, buck the status quo, and promote equality, we have to get used by unfettered capitalism and charlatans.

Your arguments lack critical thinking, laughable and are so weak that I will waste no further time or energy on this.

Consider yourself lucky you got this much and try to have a good day.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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