This song is axiomatic of the white man’s burden now turned white man’s guilt. White Privilige II serves as their consternation of the Black Lives Matter campaign which exposes those inconvenient truths. What confounds me is the medium used and the targeted (Black) audience being lumped in to this perceived conundrum, as if to suggest that white privilege is something that is quite difficult to dismantle and could come down to great detrimental sacrifice.

I only wish that the White Privilege II conversations were happening more so among the dominant group and that its reversal comes about without the feeling of guilt or pressure from civil rights movements, that it actually comes from what feels right from within. But that seems impracticable due to a number of perceived self-interests and or among them dangerous pride.

In fact, the historical pretext to “whiteness” as a “culture” is nothing more than a scam. In light of the runaway inequality that has afflicted our society socioeconomically and in an unprecedented era of increased globalization, the accompanying apparent challenge to that white privilege appears to no longer serve as a psychological nor institutional refuge for the dominant group and its status quo.

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