This sordid game of paranoia and depravity playing out on the internet which is fueled by a lack of self-awareness and motivated by their own ignorance is both telling and toxic.

In their reading and interpretation of our calls for equality and justice as essential core American values, they in turn insinuate and then pontificate on some imagined threat of retribution resulting from its fruition in the form of erasure of their faux identity and scam in whiteness.

Conspicuously, this fear of retribution can be seen as an admission of guilt in conspiring to confer privilege and advantage at the expense of non-white people that they themselves conjecturally racialized. This form of whiteness evinced is very much like a collusive epoch-making effort to handicap us in life.

The adherents to this ideology find this imagined retribution or impending payback to be so likely — I guess for past and present ongoing crimes against humanity — as to be worthy of them colluding or conspiring to engage in preemptive attacks against our humanity.

Some also find it amusing, tantalizing, gratifying and satiating — as evidenced by the off-the-charts sharing and viewing of the live-streamed massacre of innocent Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand.

And while apologists make every attempt to diffuse the rise of white nationalist/supremacist sentiment gone global with pseudo profound nonsense, we are being made to endure the false narratives and empty theorizing concocted to isolate and dismiss such devastating and consequential terrorism as basically a figment of our imagination.

We continue to not only fight for our lives, we also have to fight them for whatever economic scraps there is left by the banditry who have reaped and will continue to reap the benefits from violence and strife between socially constructed races. They are true to form grim reapers.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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