This sort of ignorance that you have so rightly called out is motivated by several factors of willful blindness. Although it may be cumbersome for us to detail every factor it sums up or culminates into being the same, as motivated ignorance.

Oftentimes the racism factors more in certain instances while the pseudo profound notion that coddling the rich might someday be rewarding and may in turn make you rich is another. Securing the wealth of the wealthy businessmen who are predominately white and male will likely grant you job security. A similarly inane factor is resentment — those white tears — of feeling that entitlement and privilege will have to be shared or be lost on them altogether in zero-sum fashion.

Then there is the sorry cannibalistic state of our education system with all its institutional callousness in tow which figures into being another factor in having the proclivity of churning out a preponderance of ideological stupidity. There is also significant segregation coupled by gerrymandering occurring in broad daylight with impunity.

The entire system is aided and abetted by ignorance that is so multifaceted, it is tedious to uncover and keep track. This makes identifying the problem, let alone solving it, inconceivable when you are in the thick of thick-headed people.

I have read some of Chomsky’s work and will surely look into the reading you suggested. Marley, as always I appreciate you chiming in with your wisdom.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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