This Sort Of Thing Has Me Wondering How Stupidity Has Gained So Much Legitimacy

I’m not understanding why we are playing “no backsies” with our present and future states here

Like it or not, we are all very much apart of Trump’s terrible reality

No matter how delusional his worldview, we are complicit enough in its validation. It is unreal, even though it is incontrovertibly real in so many ways: a real headache, a real nightmare, a real disappointment, and a real danger. Our heightened senses to politics imbues Trump’s presidency like a bad trip taken in the form of a pill that is hard to swallow. The current administration has me wondering how we legitimate our conceptual realities about American governance.

I have seen and read some of the wishy washy articles presupposing that there may be a large enough media bias against President Trump that distorts fair and unbiased reporting. To me this more likely begs the question as to whether Trump has given enough reason to present seemingly biased but accurately plausible reporting of his leadership. How do you manage to put an arbitrary, let alone positive spin on the president’s statements, attitudes, and behaviors that are inherently and starkly negative.


I am not saying this because I have some pessimistic fear of death and destruction from nuclear war. Not in the least. Come what may, I have reconciled within myself that my mere existence is utterly precarious at best in the grand scheme of things. But WTF!? This is an emphatic question I raise in response to the absurdity of this sort of AMERICAN leadership. I want to know how we arrived at legitimating this cartoonish state of being as a means to sustaining a viable future in the world.

The political media complex has made several crude attempts at presenting a modicum of empathy for humanity by juxtaposing Trump’s erratic nuclear threats and nonsensical positions with an immeasurable toll of lives that would be loss in the aftermath. This only substantiates the threat of stupidity.

This idea that America needed saving and that Trump would save it from the likes of Obama, Hilary, equality, diversity, and political correctness is flush with obtuse logic and ideology. So much so that an underbelly of schadenfreude is making efforts to resist being rescued from the sort of tyranny and narcissism of the supreme whiteness of Trump appear conflicted at times. That feeling of despair makes the resistance seem incongruous or inconsistent. Many of my family and friends have given in to the Wrath of Trump’s false reality, one that is a distorted picture of an armageddon state in the world, and they believe there is no hope for this no-win situation with attempts at futile grassroots resistance movements to avoid imminent sociopolitical disaster.

The commitment to Trump on both sides of the aisle of our government is steeped in hyper partisan politics. While both parties bet big on the idiocy of Trump, the endgame is to prove the other party incompetent and inept at governance. This exploitative and repulsive form of tribalism has far-reaching consequences both rife with intended and unintended consequences for our democracy. None of which depends on any debate and deliberation, let alone rational thought.

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The public statement from the President above delivered by his dour press secretary is riddled with lies. This is not an opinion of mine being expressed in this instance. President Trump is slyly trying to convince the American people that Steve Bannon, the man he has entrusted to be his top White House advisor, was really just a carryover staffer from his presidential campaign. 🤨

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The narcissistic personality disorder that has impaired this presidency is impossible and quite difficult to ignore. The controversial book by Michael Wolff titled, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is not only confirming what most rational people already have surmised about the idiocy of Trump, it also exposes the stupidity that surrounds him. Those surrounding him, of whom a majority are quite aware that Trump is an imbecile, are also imbeciles for thinking that they could loyally manipulate Trump politically due to his ignorance. However, Trump’s own motivated ignorance plays well into his specious entitlement, it allows for him to take advantage of opportunists much like he did on the reality show The Apprentice. He knows his narcissistic supply has placed him in the most enviable of positions, clearly without precedent, and with far reaching and historical consequences that feed into his destructive narcissism.

The alt-right fringe, along with republicans’ subterfuge and the democrats’ insouciance — combined with varying degrees of resentment of the previous administration — has caustically done tremendous social damage in order to inveigle our democracy and supplant themselves, leading to a gross miscalculation in the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

Even though Wolff’s book piles on more evidence proving that Trump is inept at leadership, all it takes to absolve him is to counterfactually legitimate his stupidity. What usually follows is a series of conspiratorial “I told you so”s about the deep state to excuse him of poor governance and political transgressions under his own administrative greatness.

The dominant framing by the political media complex (national news media), along with Wall Street’s newfound systemic serendipitous confidence in the economy, is already finding counterfactually plausible analysis of how we should perceive the debacles that follow this presidency in normalizing “nothing to worry about” or “nothing to see here” tones. A willfully blind presentation of a democracy intact and working as it should behind the First Amendment.🤨

Meanwhile on the global front America appears unhinged to say the least. The America First initiatives are seen as an affront to environmental cooperation and peace. Trump’s alleged genius in the art of the deal presumably transcends over to international trade and foreign policy legitimated by the stupidity of his remarkable charlantry, aided and abetted by undeserved and fraudulent privilege. To prove Trump wrong countries may be burdened to do what is ultimately right, for which Trump is all too willing to steal credit.

Cheers to a continuation of another miserable new year.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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