This topic is such a sore spot for me to examine and talk about. The attitudes and behaviors alone are disheartening but when minorities are embroiled in or partake in discrimination it is just so damn disappointing.

There are many like your partner who have never reached their full potential nor full satisfaction with achieving their goals. The injustice of it all will indelibly be a scar from racism.

I hope that if she hasn’t that she will find peace with it. This is something in particular that I feel has aged me prematurely.

While most may be more familiar with Asian Americans being the alien elites, the occurrence you shared is more localized in Florida with the white Cuban population of men. It is trifling to me that there isn’t even an ounce of shame for the betrayal committed when they perform these culturally treasonous acts.

During my 17 plus years in banking and finance I can honestly say I had only one Black male friend. This is probably why my network has been rather weak. It was very rare to find Black males congregating around other Black males or females in the corporate environment for fear of appearing to only associating with your own kind. As if the formation of a neo Black Panther group was in progress.

To advance their own careers, these results suggest, minorities and women are forced to avoid behaviors that others might perceive as promoting greater representation of people like them.(Gino, F., Sept 2017, Scientific American)

The diversity itself were acting in less than diverse ways also.

I have not and will never engage in such counterintuitive behaviors and attitudes with its positive feedback loop that perpetuate whiteness.

That you for providing me with the reference reading.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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