This was a pleasure to read for the insight revealed. It is a point of view that is matter-of-factly seldom expressed given the advantageous identitarian position you hold in the social construct.

You have painted a picture of what is in the distant but inevitable future, if we ever get there however due to this inherent fatalism. You seem to have underestimated the preponderance of covert and overt racist, and anti-gay sentiment amongst racially white people. You have also underestimated the small yet significant number of racialized others who placate and find opportunism in sustaining a zero-sum fallacy that is both tangible (institutional) and intangible (religiosity) and where misperceptions and misconceptions abound.

There is this optimistic sense that a sentimental shift or psychological purge towards logic will or has emerged in terms of an attitudinal change towards acceptance and equality in our society. The shift portends that we have sufficiently reached plurality on matters of equality— especially amongst racialized whites, this, despite the populism of Trump. It is not at all evident that the white straight patriarchy is dying out. In fact your rational thought processes — seen to them as treason — seems to have emboldened them because of the perceived zero-sum fallacy calculations they have made in their heads.

There is a growing number of young nationalists as evidenced in right-wing protests tactfully publicized in the media that has cast a pall on what is to come. They have been sensitized by their own immediate family’s and circle of influence in disgust, hatred, and indifference towards minorities seen as a threat to their privilege, entitlement, way of life, and most importantly identity. They see their widely diseeminated false narratives and prominence in an ahistorical history being challenged and then erased. They see this insult to the existentialism they espouse under false pretenses as a reversal, as if they will see 400 years of retributive slavery or something.

If they continue to see racism and bigotry — ill-defined — as some rude, name calling, abashment and not an institutional, socioeconomic, and dehumanizing phenomena of their own making or sustaining then I see no ebbing trend to Trumpism.

Disclaimer: This is not me ramming my thoughts down anyone’s throat. This is merely a deliberative debate with whom I presume is intellectually competent.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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