This What Ya’ll Mad About!?!?

Do you even know what music is? It’s purpose?

It is quite possible to live without music, you might miss it due to you already being introduced to it but I’m pretty sure you will survive. Music is basically a concocted spiritual reminder of the human condition.

Aside from the obvious, music is central to arousal — an emotive piece of art expressed through a combination of rhythmic sounds. It is just as much a form of suggestion as it is a form of expression.

It certainly does not require any prerequisites in this day and age.

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I’m sure you haven’t Mr. Multiplatinum Recording Artist Billy Ray Cyrus. Anyway, music is a form of entertainment, messaging, and revelation in recognizably expressive format. The fanaticism surrounding it wears off a little (or alot) as you get older. By then it serves as a mode for nostalgia. At least it is for most casual listeners. Not sure why there are people out there who are trying to regulate or gatekeep aspects of it.

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So ya’ll mad at the views?, the attention? The blending? The intermingling? Because that is what music is both organically and essentially, so I guess you are mad at music in and of itself because it can simply take a turn you least expected it to.

So what’s the excuse this time from the so-called arbiters of such music — as if?

“Old Town Road,” with its Nine Inch Nails banjo sample and cowboy theme, “does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version.” Billboard rationale for removing the song from its Country chart while keeping it over there in the R&B pile I guess.

Music cannot be segregated like the way you attempt to segregate people. That would be silly.

No need to perseverate more over something this trivial.


It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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