First and foremost Sherry Kappel, this to me has been to date singularly, a refreshing read of a rational perspective coming from someone whose “minor chromosomal difference” is afforded a privileged and racialized existence, of which is normally inculcated with a motivated ignorance that seeks to preserve and justify their constructed social position in the world view.

Secondly, the fact that you have gone so far as to reiterate the incessant errors in attribution coming from within the tyranny of the majority is telling, and a remarkable departure from the dominant narrative that we are forced to contend with as a normative false justification. The usual chorus of which has made our institutions incredulously fraudulent and defective, and the hypocrisy of American values has always been sullied by it.

Lastly, I applaud your pleads to White America. We continue to wait in vain for them to shift away collectively from what can only be described as a neurotic comfort zone of marginalizing the Black community against the backdrop of the senseless, despicable, homicidal policing — that seem all to pleasing to them that the life of a young American child was murdered undeniably for nothing more than because he is Black. Given to not feeling obligated to have to justify my own humanity to anyone, I continue to be upset, depressed and exhausted by this oppressive milieu of marginalizing the lives of others and its subsequent segregationist justice.

Coming from me this would undoubtedly be viewed by White America as privilege seeking reverse-racism, but from you I can only surmise that it would indelibly mark you as treasonous some how. Never the less stay the course on embracing moral truth and caring.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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