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The devolution of neoconservatism has stalled…for now. In light of the most recent permutation of bloviated conservative nationalism, many are now beginning to reconsider, or even go as far as to denounce Tump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States. When the unscrupulous media pounced on this particular soundbite Trump was actually prepared this time around with a justification for his belief on the ban inspired by a historical precedent by the 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Executive Order 9066: the internment of Japanese-Americans shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Germans, and Italians were also placed under detention.

It is important to note false pretenses here and that just as it is important for you to recognize the way television works, you should recognize how radicalization works. A network generates revenue from ratings and those ratings commensurate into generating profits. So Trump’s free and ample airtime does pay dividends by stoking and playing on the fears of certain Ameiricans through an accomodating media platform though his very own stylized platform of propaganda that commensurate with polling.

Secondly, It is also equally important for you to recognize that a commison was appointed by the Carter Administration to investigate the justification of putting Japanese Americans into internment camps and the results from that investigation led to reparations to the survivors and their families. It was quite apparent that the actions by the government at that time were found to be based on racial hysteria. President Gerald Ford even proclaimed it to be a national error which “shall never be made again”. President George H. W. Bush too mentioned this upon issuing an apology on the 50th-Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack:

“In remembering, it is important to come to grips with the past. No nation can fully understand itself or find its place in the world if it does not look with clear eyes at all the glories and disgraces of its past. We in the United States acknowledge such an injustice in our history. The internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry was a great injustice, and it will never be repeated.”

But here we are. Incredulously, the crusade moves on. What makes this radicalization slightly different is the privilege that is afforded by the same flawed institutions that incite and proliferate inequality. I do believe Trump speaks on the behalf of many people whose resentment and disillusionment grows with America’s gradual new complexion. This entails having a very big mirror to reflect how a nation of immigrants really look like and not the distorting, carnival mirror that the media incessantly reflects of our society. I just can’t believe how they are unable to see how much they factor into the positive feedback loop of contributing to the cycle of of violence they themselves claim to abhor.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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