Trump can’t fake stupid, this comes naturally for him. He is completely unaware and has no self-doubts. Only a self-centered person can think and act this way. If he was not born rich he probably would have been homeless or dead long ago. His survivability is based on the preponderance of stupidity and avarice in this country.

Out of immense frustration, some of us may feel the urge to shake a Trump supporter and say, “Hey! Don’t you realize that he’s an idiot?!” No. They don’t. That may be hard to fathom, but that’s the nature of the Dunning-Kruger effect — one’s ignorance is completely invisible to them.

For example the Kardashians are rich and famous for what?

They cater to a basic instinct and for some odd reason they are adulated for it or despised over it. If rational people learned to ignore the incompetent then stupidity would diminish and their influence or affluence would cease.

But for some odd reason they view Trump has their protector and Trump is more than just honored by this irrational sentiment.

It appears plausible that this is part of his grand scheme but this has more to do with a remarkable idiocy on the part of many in our midst. He is merely lucky, just as he has been lucky at birth. It’s just happenstance.

I wrote about the accidental president back in January of 2017 and this still holds true to this day.

An accident occurs when something that appears to be functioning normally suddenly deviates from that norm, like electing a plausible president. Even though there are certain mechanisms in place to prevent an unfortunate incident from occurring, like electing someone who is wholly unqualified and incompetent, accidents will and do happen on occasion. The Trump persona and campaign is absolutely unusual. This is inarguable and one only needs to follow his tweets, his interviews, and campaign speeches to confirm it. This ironically makes Trump an accidental genius, to have won what appears to be a zero-sum game.

Don’t take the genius part literally. Many of his peers who are not geniuses either know he is not a genius, he is simply lucky. And there is a Matthew Effect at play there that amplifies it. Like him trying to play up the role of being a president. He is not presidential. Not in the least.

He may look the part (for reasons I don’t want to get into right now) with the proper backdrop and lighting and pomp and circumstance to look presidential.However, he is oftentimes seen as struggling in his attempts to act the part. His terrible performance and feeblemindedness is irrefutable and speaks for itself.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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