Trump, K.Conway, and S. Miller, are able to fool a lot of irrational and inane people with this con they are trying to pull. Together they have formed a belief that is implausible to many, which puts their knowledge of racism not only in question, but in confusion.

But then again the knowledge surrounding racism is lacking for many who comprise of Trump’s support and so-called race.

Racist people are not “incredible patriots”. Not by a longshot. What sort of knowledge is this and how did they arrive at that conclusion? Is this a knowledge of acquaintance? Meaning Trump’s close and intimate acquaintance with belief-insensitive racism and its’ purveyors make them in his views patriotic. The same can be said of his deputized shills Miller and Conway.

Belief-insensitivity are beliefs that do not change when presented with empirical evidence.

Here is how Miller defended those so called patriotic people chanting “Send her back!”at Trump’s rally, that Trump a day later tried to distance himself from.

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Here they hit you with a barrage of okie dokes. By politicizing this, it is meant for or being thrown out there as to be (mis)understood as merely political. Racism is now political fodder and political cover for the nefarious and callous government under this administration. It has always been a viable tool to achieve institutional callousness.

By the way Wallace doesn’t know what racism is either as he said this during the so-called heated interview.

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Now since only racially white Fox News hosts can get a hold of them and ask the administration questions, how about they ask this one, When you say our country, who comprises of our? Who owns this country?

I get this sense that they are real Americans and then there are fake Americans by Trump’s logic.

This encapsulates a faulty knowledge of belief insensitivity by location in terms of knowledge-how, knowledge-where. You only know what you believe. So these people know nothing about the racism they insist not coming from them because they believe racism is not something they are capable of espousing.

And we should believe that.🤨

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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