Trump supporters and admirers see Trump’s presidency as some sort of shake things up vindication and acknowledgement of their populist or anti-elitist say and representation in this country.

They feel like their day has finally come.

They mostly get a kick out of getting a rise out of us because most of their ideas are utterly unavailing, ineffective, shortsighted, unproductive, cruel, inequitable and pointless.

But that’s okay. When rational people react in horror or in disappointment of the ineptitude of rather unconscionable reasonings or policymaking from this administration, the schadenfreude (or the look in our faces) they enjoy is priceless to them.

Trump only has to run on this slogan: Vote for me so we can piss them off more!

Baser instincts would suggest that he wins reelection. Common sense (a misnomer because it is indeed in short supply and not common at all) however, would prevail if the factitious identity they embrace reveal a transformative shame in such self-deluding mob mentality.

Clearly, the market makers and their participants can conjecturally produce a rally to produce another stock market record high, then lobby the government officials some more for affect to economic sentiment. Meanwhile underemployment and automation invisibly hands them what appears to be a win-win economy like magic.

Willful blindness makes Trump seem like a very good magician.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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