Trumpism Is Very Much Like A Cancer

There is not one singular cause or way to eradicate or treat it

A reader posed a couple of typical questions in response to my commentary on the current state of affairs. The questions were commonplace and well grounded and it appears it is oftentimes seemingly left unanswered.

The seemingly innocuous but problematic questions are…

If Trump is the problem, what is the cause? What could convince enough people to vote for him to get him into the oval office?

Well for one, if this question is meant to be introspective then simply being a woman or being a minority can’t be a cause. However, looking at this retrospectively the cause centers squarely with sharp edges around fraudulently flawed social constructs.

Trump is one of a myriad of symptoms causing a problem.

My more elaborate response follows.

For the sake of not wanting to resort to clichés to answer the questions you pose, this piece more so highlights the motivated ignorance (not knowing and or not wanting to know) of the insensitive beliefs (beliefs that don’t change in spite of the evidence) that hold a contingent of the majority captive.

The answers apparently don’t get enough traction the way constructive criticisms do which can in certain instances act as a form of treatment. However, the symptoms surrounding Trumpism (a superbug, if you will) are inevitable and unfortunately can become resistant to the moral reasoning that would certainly cure the affliction of racism, bigotry, and patriarchal colonialism.

Trump is merely seen as the antihero resistance and therein lies the difficulties of dealing with such a rampant, pervasive, viral infection of hatred, resentment and authoritarianism.

What I have suggested in similitude should have convinced enough people to not vote for him, but it didn’t. What I calmly ruminate on should have reasonably caused at a minimum, a presidential rebuke and lead to an impeachment, but it does not. We know that Trump’s ultimate removal is as highly unlikely as it is of wiping out the occurrence of cancers. Kavanaugh’s confirmation is seen as just another form of this spread of cancer on society intent on destroying the democratic host of our government inflicting nothing but pain and discomfort on aspects of the civic body.

What is hoped for in treating such pestilence is to shrink that tumor come November with the midterm elections. Outside of that the protesting (though well intended) only appears to be inured to the realities of Trumpism with psychologically traumatic side effect.

Simply put the cause is quite often ignored and not believed to be the source of the Trump problem.

That in and of itself is the problem.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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