Trust that your reasoning here is not lost on me. What we all seem to be receiving though doesn’t always equate to what we are giving. It’s okay to highlight that but the picture is oftentimes distorted by emotives which tend to overemphasize a negative by burying the positive.

The perception itself is seen as an imbalance. But that perception is driven by the political media complex and its presentation of sincere fiction and cycled false narratives. And it has been capitalized upon to great effect — think Steve Harvey’s and Hill Harper’s books that further mythologize Black men in American society as just a small example of what I mean there. This inundation gives off a Matthew Effect of discordance sociopolitically within the Black community.

Perceiving strife like that has the effect of producing strife like that.

This, even when that strife is not as conspicuous or as copious as being led to believe and as most are advertising it to be. My thoughts on this are to mitigate this effect to the point of awareness. This idea that Black men are an endangered species in terms of: availability to Black women, uneducated, or not as driven or compensated, has been exaggerated enough to be patently false.

However, black men on average have higher incomes than black women, and there are hundreds of thousands more black men earning $75,000 a year or more than black women. Eighty-eight percent of all married black men are married to black women, a figure that changes less than five percentage points with more education and income.

Thank goodness some of our very own scholars like Professor Ivory Toldson and Dr. Bryant Marks can easily dispute these ill-fitting sentiments.

While I’m an avid supporter of love and the many shades and forms it can come in, what I won’t support is downplaying or disrespecting Black women in the process. We have seen far too often the sexualization and fetishizing of exotic, foreign or white women on numerous occasions who have coveted the features of Black women, all while neglecting us in the process.

With behavior like this, it’s no wonder the idea of Black love is being questioned. However, despite what people continue to promote on social media, all Black men do not support this way of thinking; In fact, a majority of them don’t.

According to the 2014–2015 American Community Survey analysis provided by The Pew Research Center, 24 percent of all black men were likely to have a spouse of a different race.

Research done in 2011 by two Black male scholars confirmed these numbers, and dug deeper into clearing up such misconceptions. Assistant professors Ivory Toldson, Ph.D. of Howard University and Bryant Marks, Ph.D. of Morehouse College challenged what they labeled as “cultural myths,” and census data proved that contrary to common misconceptions, all types of Black men are still primarily choosing Black women as marital partners.

When is comes to married Black men with college degrees, 85 percent of them have Black wives. In further research, Toldson and Marks found that for Black men with larger incomes of above $100,000, 83 percent of them have Black wives.

You mentioned…

We have these black men (well I guess to you their white, but black enough to where that should be an insult) see life differently. These are black men who can’t get comfortable on either side.

😳…this unsolicited subscription to whiteness is trash and therefore has no effect on me. There is only one race and a huge misunderstanding and or scam about limited resources.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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