Truth told the Marley way!

The list of insulting things a lot of white people do can be really exhaustive, just as it is truly exhausting for us to experience incessantly with a collective so motivatingly ignorant and that insensitive with their beliefs.

This ongoing social dominance orientation disorder not only plagues them but convinces them that their machiavelli attitudes and beliefs encapsulates a definition of life, even though such thinking or lack thereof is irrational, flawed, immoral, contradictory, and self-defeating.

Transposed, what we see as insulting would certainly be considered to them as unlawful conduct deemed civil harassment. An offense that certainly warrants 911 calls. And even though calling the police is something that most of us wouldn’t contemplate doing because we are quite familiar with the stress and socioeconomic impact of doing so, the police as a callous institution predicated on serving a public good for them and not for us along with the courts would consider the harms and injuries Blacks incur from whites as inconsequential anyway.

That said, because they have managed to have a man this indubitably racist, so demonstrably inept, and that ostentatiously corrupt as president with a similar collective of individuals in the Senate to boot, I find this virulent strain of whiteness to be incurable and we have centuries upon centures of history to prove this.

Most have shown to be genetically predisposed to it and therefore it has become an autosomal recessive disorder in a sense.

As is quite evident, whiteness as a viral infection is highly resistant to even the most potent prescriptions of equality, fairness, empathy, values and morality, yet still we must proceed as if it were treatable and provide treatment nonetheless to mitigate the outbreak of its wretchedness.

And finally, in response to your other well crafted article…

…and in keeping the same vein of my analogy here I would extend that there are those who are asymptomatic carriers of whiteness showing no signs of racism and it’s terrible symptoms but certainly have the ability to transmit it to others — white or black — and likewise, obviously the risk of infection seems to increase with age. It can be likened too, to having a genetic prejudicial or genetically bigoted attitude and belief. In some it could be recessive, while in others a disorder.

Like certain pathogens that incubate or lay dormant over time whiteness has shown to be able to thrive without symptoms and survive on a reservoir and in many instances it is the environment — our government , our society that acts as a host/reservoir that sustains them. In a sense the clinically silent among us may refuse treatment due to lack of awareness, denialism, or in others it may become benign resolving itself. (See what I did here Sherry 😉)

Either way treatment is necessary and I recommend this Marley treatment among others to this viral infection-like scourge on our society.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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