Trying to Reconcile With This Notion That Some How And In Some Way We Are Culpable In All Of This

to our own demise, as we celebrate and uphold the illusory greatness of Donald Glover and Kanye West

Both men have recently tried to convince us with their stardom that we are very much complicit in our own demise. Our inability to acculturate and capitalize on garnering or earning white privileges is our downfall. Lesson to be learned is that you can hate the players, because there is social capital to be gained in some of that now, but you simply can’t hate the game too.

Glover, in his pseudo alter ego state as Childish Gambino, along with director Hiro Murai of the series Atlanta in which he also stars and produces on the FX network called Atlanta, delivered a visual message to his chantey, This is America. Everyone interested in hip hop it seems, has attempted to opine on what these dudes were thinking. After my second viewing it was safe to presume what they quite possibly were thinking; that perception is the reality.

Throughout the video, the murderous protagonist not only poses at point blank range to shoot a bullet in the back of the head of a man bagged and wrist-tied believed to be the guitarist in the opening scene, he is also handed another easily accessible weapon in a later scene, and in this one an AK-styled spraying down of the choir is also disturbingly depicted as a reality. An absurdly facile one by any artistic account at that. I noticed that whites in particular are not implicated in any of the gun violence in This is America. Even though “Police be tripping’ now (woo),” and “Guns in my area (word my area)” according to the lyrics.

youtube — 🤔 is this the essence of trap life?
youtube - 🤔 does this illustrate the Charleston church massacre?

The exploitation of trap life — if at all was one of the concepts in the first shooting, and or Black life in general, does not deliberate reason, implore cure, or invite concern, it's simply presented as just is what it is, and we are seemingly complicit with moral consequences in tow for persisting or wanting to dance to it anyway.

Again, perception is the reality, 🤨uh!?

This “perception is the reality” turned meme is a logical fallacy that is riddled on both ends of the statement with deceptive, inaccurate, and misattributed truisms — in other words it is pseudo profound crap.

While the meaning of life or the interpretation of your own existence provides a degree of impetus, there are contributing social and environmental factors that facilitate such motivations. This becomes a sense of reality. For moral decay to occur conditions of indifference must be set. Many people seem to believe (perception) that the mentality of poor black or rather people of color communities that are devoid of socioeconomic resources seem to exist in a self-inflicted trap created by their own devices — devices however, that are manufactured, come at a human cost, and are supposedly regulated.

I am not going to go in any further on Kanye West’s instances of “ignorance of ignorance” as I covered that in a previous post. But once again we all know that the annointment of racial etiquette received when you congregate with white privilege can make you start feeling yourself. Just as West as made his feelings known, Mr. Glover too, is no stranger to anti-blackness. Their fruitful efforts have made them what they are today — whatever that is, and achieved all under the same moniker of getting that money to which they both ironically use as the plot twist.

Just as it were before and in many ways today, the upholding, pacifying, and legitimacy of whiteness is dependent on the past enslavement, indentured servitude, or bootstrapping appeasement by people of color, especially Blacks. When any Black person becomes wealthy and famous here they are not only perceived as a credit to their race, but as a charitable acknowledgement of what whites have provided and established and only seek to sustain.

Because of fear and loathing, no one seems to want to come out and artistically declare that as humans interdependent of each other, we should just act like humans interdependent of one another.

The ethnic tensions apparent in an ever present stream of consciousness found in Glover’s and West’s acts of deindividuation to which gets spewed and justified as works of self-proclaimed geniuses or arbiters of the creative is reverberated by the Digital Mob¹, sanctioned by authoritarians and then projected onto us. When it reaches the masses where the tension intensifies it encourages further racial stratification.

Both men may be jacks of two or more narcissistic trades, but both have managed to master none thus far.

This has been another edition of An American Potpourri Of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit Vol. 1, №7


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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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