Under the circumstances the “Michelle for 2020” platitudes seem apropos but I seriously doubt that this would ever materialize. I don’t think she has the wherewithal or the penchant for politics and the psychological abuse that comes with it. This doesn’t mean that she is in any way incapable of leading this country. This country is simply not mature enough to appreciate that sort of representation — from a highly credentialed black female.

“Let me tell you, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president. That, I can tell you,” — President Barack Obama, November 2016

If Hillary Clinton was seen as that intolerable for powerful in-groups to elect and hold the office — such that the likes of a Donald Trump could easily be an acceptable candidate — then we need to consider the lack of self-awareness, interdependence, and introspection this nation has that stunts our progress as a multicultural and diverse nation of nations.

It wasn’t so much that Hillary Clinton had political baggage — splitting hairs here — it was that this nation seems unaware of how caustic patriarchy and race truly is.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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