Violet, as always you are most agreeable and enlightening. This complements my point about the Gordian knot. This difficult knot that would be a difficult chore to unravel is akin to this undifferentiated group that I mentioned in one of my articles.

Trump’s base is one that has a consistent undifferentiated core mixture of whiteness — evangelical, nationalist, plutocratic, xenophobes, whose social dominance orientation is clearly a disorder that motivates their ignorance with insensitive beliefs.

The SDO that they cling to, like one helluva drug perhaps, is so tightly wound that attempts to loosen or disentangle it makes it tighter and tighter. It is at this point that you simply must cut the rope to remove the knot.

The emboldenment of Trump — a malignant narcissist and sadist derives his power from the attention he receives. He craves it, just as trolls do. Had we ignored him, or cut him off (from this drug), Ms. Clinton would have been president. That particular knot would have been far easier to disentangle.

The links you have provided are very much appreciated and your message was well received here. I invite Marley K. and Sherry Kappel to read your illuminating contribution that you have provided to the discussion.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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