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We Smell What The Donald Is Cooking, But Have You Tasted It Though?!

These Cooked Up Emotions of Resentful Grievances

8 min readOct 29, 2017


President Trump loves to stir the melting pot with ingredients that are sure to thicken and cause one to gasp and choke. Whatever he is cooking up has surely boiled over, releasing a cascading of emotions that will be hard to clean up let alone digest. Certain ingredients — like the NFL; healthcare repeal and replace; tax cut and reform; white nationalism; Hillary Clinton; North Korea; Russian interference with the 2016 national elections; narcissism; fake news; falsehoods: a.k.a. straight up lies; anti-feminism; anti-immigration policies; anti-gay initiatives; evangelicals; America First protectionist initiatives and policies; President Barack Obama; and authoritarianism do not mix well and can be quite toxic. What happens when you pressure cook these combustible ingredients can amount to something rather explosive — incivility.

Trump has stirred in enough NFL diatribes about owners reluctance to punish players — the ones whom are predominately black and have sought to peaceably protest grievances under the first amendment to bring awareness to the physical and mental toll of inequality and injustice to their communities, as well as the community at large that they entertain — immeasurably in very bad taste.

Last month the NFL owners had a series of meetings which included a session with a group of players. This two-day event resulted in no league mandate enacted to force players to stand during the national anthem.

However, the cooked up emotions that Trump has poured into the issue has raised it to pressure cooker levels, releasing an ear shattering dog whistle blown by Houston Texans owner Bob McNair’s statement released in the national media outlets.

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” McNair said, a comment that “stunned some in the room,” according to ESPN’s reporters.

Most will fixate on the raciality of the comments, but just as importantly, should your focus be keen on the plutocratic aspects of that statement as it reeks too of corporatism. That is probably why only “some” seemed stunned in that room as opposed to all of them being appalled by such a candid statement coming from…