Well done and apparently there is a limit on how many claps I can give.

Warning: I am only acknowledging the plight of Black women here.

It appears that racial etiquette does permit Black women to sit still and smile as they champion the rights of gender and diversity through excellence in their respective fields or sport — much to the entertainment and sustainability of wealth vested in the institutional whiteness or privilege therein — but to speak to the lack of equality — its biases and humanly express them in disdain and disappointment is not only impermissible but grounds for punishment.

I suppose that proponents of post racial America do not consider the conditional remnants of Jim Crow era policing of Black Codes that is alive and kicking, and quite observingly enforceable with resounding effect in the bad faith social contract being adhered to to this day.

Our freedom as we know it to be still has its limits.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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