Well done Violet and much appreciated from my perspective. Before The Siren Speaks responds however, I want to speak to the expectation. Due to the belief insensitivity involved and entrenched in the mindsets of anti-BLM, anti-Brown, or anti-other… like-minded communities, with their cultivated ignorance sown over many generations we seem to be hard-pressed and harried while attempting to dismantle the social ills of race-related matters given the socioeconomic rewards of privilege institutionally granted to white majorities. Face it this stuff is hard for most of them to give up and is a scary proposition for them to envision.

They operate out of a zero-sum fallacy in this regard, where falsely, the exchange of equal opportunity and treatment would ultimately result in a major loss in the form of reparations made and paid specifically at the expense of whites. They tendentiously espouse radical ideas that promote and instigate racial divisiveness through various methods of violence and subterfuge. A prime example of subterfuge being the racial grievance industry…

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That industry is running on fumes evidently, because it contains no gas or capital. Which makes your retrospective counterargument of “a pretty accurate account of how systemic and institutional racism works” in reverse so spot on.

But this sort of motivated ignorance finds ways to avoid truth by seeking to either parody the evidence or distort reality to fit the dominant narrative and specious paradigm of racial hierarchy. It is no doubt shameful, but heavily invested, which leads to the sunk cost fallacy of the paid subscription to whiteness.

Unfortunately many non-whites have placed investments into this unsolicited subscription. It contibutes to why the likes of Taleeb Starkes and company embellish their Horatio Alger stories to entertain or placate conservative ideologues by putting others down in the process. It seems rather counterintuitive and opportunistic, but works very well in a racially charged environment. Essentially a fallacy is created (and evidently worn in the pic of Starkes you provided) that appeal to emotion, with no valid logic to it. I have my own story too, but it will never be used to denigrate others when chance has significantly played a role in the outcome.

And yes frustratingly enough is that riposte mother of all clichés, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”. Okay but so what. I have no need to rob anybody of of their thought process, especially when it is of no real value as it certainly doesn’t mean that the argument is either valid or logical.

Finally, and this may come off as crude but the other factor in having to expect very little in the pending response is that it appears that we are outnumbered and surrounded by which I mean we underestimate individuals like Siren in circulation and the immense power they carry, no matter how ridiculous or counterfactual their beliefs and stances are.

So, again much appreciated because it has inspired me to write this long-winded response and provided notes for my next essay. Stay the course!

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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