Well, I see your dilemma but allow me to expound on any misgivings on this topic because to stoop so low is not an option for me and for quite a majority of us.

Transactionally, the compunction we do have in placating their racism in an effort to prove their stereotyping and prejudices all wrong acts like a double edge sword, especially in light of the overarching goal of economic prosperity, which by the way should be seen as doubly earned in most instances since we work twice as hard for half of what whites in fact conspire to gain. {emphasis}

Marley K., this is the conundrum that we inadvertently find ourselves in when we excel. When we attain lofty educational credentials and, or achieve remarkable success in our career paths, we are mostly proving ourselves right and not really trying to prove the vanity and insanity of whiteness wrong. (I, myself, really have no time for that nonsense) That would seem to substantiate some complicity in propping up this faux racial hierarchy. This, however, mistakenly gets conflated with uppityness or Uncle Tom/Aunt Jemima foolery.

It is important that we make this distinction and not settle for less than what we deserve and have earned. We certainly should seek representation in all facets of life that which allows us the opportunity to contribute and shine — not as the first, nor as an exception to our race, but as an integral part of humanity.

The fact of the matter is that whites do as an existential collective control most of the world’s resources and therefore have systematic control and influence over the socioeconomic state of our existence of which we are inexplicably bound to. That certain minorities that you have pointed out in your piece would inherently appease them is not surprising and it substantiates their racializations which shows that that has more to do with the psychotropic effect of whiteness and its unsolicited subscriptions thereto.

The solution is not only to just vehemently demand equality but to remove all encumbrances to achieve and be worthy of the equality in the opportunity sought.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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