Well said. But I also came here for the comments, and you and I should not be surprised at this. Not surprised at all about the effects of racism being so normalized that certain Blacks (along with their supposed white allies) consider their vote for an incompetent and racist President to be symbolic of their freedom to choose-as if voting otherwise would be akin to being enslaved.

But why pretell did they think slavery was on the ballot? Could it be that they are caught up in the most obsequious and most conspicuous form of republican chicanery there is?

We should never underestimate the number of stupid people in circulation and in any given setting, no matter their title nor their appearance. Never forget that a stupid person is someone who not only seeks to or will do harm, take advantage, opportune, or benefit off of someone, some thing, or some group but in that very same process will knowingly or not knowingly incur the very same harm upon themselves--which precisely is what makes them stupid.

And for those who consider the enlightenment we share on here to be impolite or acerbic for their taste just know that that is exactly how the truth should feel when engrossed in a plethora of lies.

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