Well said Stephanie, and I appreciate the opportunity to engage constructively rather than punitively to this dialogue. I want to further your point by adding this as well. The fact that I can wake up every morning, perform at work and simultaneously acculturate — is an example of me inadvertently downplaying the significance of racism.

This inadvertent downplaying is a result of my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in the vein of equality. In this instance I am complicit in that very fact by tolerating the fragility of whites who blithely regard my existence in the workplace as proof that race is insignificant today…that and the fact that we also have a Black president.

By being able to articulate this circumstance and the accompanying delusion that follows, it suggests that I am very much “#woke and #staywoke” (to borrow tag lines from the BLM movement) by the consequentialism of both my deterministic and indeterministic actions. Moreover it has become a tacit mean to my own welfare.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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