Well, surprisingly and amazingly I too have never…

  1. …did the hot air balloon thing and never will. Not my cup of tea, tea would have been spilt or upchucked.
  2. I have had some brushes with death. Chapleton, Jamaica is where I spent time with my father’s eldest sibling. Her husband was a truck driver and hauled agriculture and sediment up and down treacherous passes on a windy hilly single pass in and out of town. Every ride with him was a thrilling adventure and should count as a brush with death, or possibly witnessing the death of others, especially back then when roads weren’t as maintained as they are now. My brush with death was not riding with him though it was when I was in their back yard which had plenty of mango trees to climb. These trees were tall and hung over a fast moving river. The smell of these fruits lured me to the top where the ripest ones were and I remember slipping, then sounds of cracking, then falling, and grabbing, then heard breaking until I landed on a sturdy branch. I looked at the raging river below and simply froze for what seemed like hours until my auntie called me in for lunch. For lunch she had already peeled me a sweet mango to go with my bully beef (corned beef)sandwich. 🙁🙃.
  3. I have never felt an attraction to another woman while married because I have been married. Next.
  4. I too, have never picked up a woman at a bar because I don’t frequent bars nor do I drink. I don’t think ordering a shirley temple would impress them.
  5. Surprisingly, I have never been shot. I have been shot at though but never been shot. This is from living in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn in the late 80s early 90’s. Nuff said.
  6. There are too many places to name that I have never been but would love to go.
  7. I have had sex with women that I thought or was convinced that I was in love with. (full stop)
  8. Surprisingly, I have never been arrested, after living in Brooklyn, during every Mayor’s racial profiling program, especially under Mr. Giuliani’s reign. I have been stopped and frisked though, one time even in my business attire.
  9. I have been in many domestic hostile territories. From Bensonhurst (used to be Little Italy in Brooklyn)to Brownsville (where Mike Tyson was born, btw Tyson’s father is from Jamaica, just a fun fact).
  10. Never gotten a tattoo or body piercing and probably never will.
  11. I want Tre, Marley K., and Sherry to read this too. LOL

This was a reprieve for me Jack.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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