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What?! We Are Talking About Slavery Here

At a minimum, O’Reilly’s statements or “tip of the day” is overwhelmingly insensitive to not only Black Americans and their heritage, but to many Black populations around the world. The intent and purpose behind his statements were meant to appease fellow whites of any feelings of empathy or guilt, and to glorify an aspect of slavery and white supremacy as seemingly not so dehumanizing.

It is quite apparent that this politically asinine and derogatory comment which aired on a national broadcast is primarily aimed at a target audience of white tribalists. Tribalist is appropriate because instead of coalescing around how America has evolved from such a terrible history with an improving democracy, some whites saw First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech as an attack against them in particular and a reason to defend the indefensible concept of slavery. For those who remain silent, or chuckle in agreement, or to those whom are insouciant over O’Reilly’s statements, it is quite evident that you are absolutely complicit in the marginalization of Black people as it were today.

The concept of slavery has no silver lining, what came from it is decades upon decades of continued racism, socioeconomic inequality, and injustice. To many whites it served your sensibilities with an unqualifiable privilege in society today, and for others it afforded them ill-gotten and unearned economic gains. All of which derived from treating Black people worse than the animals that either sustain or entertain–of which in terms of logic you would have to feed and provide space for.

Keep in mind that enslavement is torture involving the constant threat and act of violence on the body or alternatively face a profound death by the cruelest of means– an additional arresting volition of one’s mind. I don’t see how someone could take pride in saying that the slaves who built the White House were “well-fed and had decent lodgings”. Apparently O’Reilly and others have mistaken the fortitude and the will to live in those enslaved people as acquiescence to the obvious sham of white superiority.

This is not a tip in return for O’Reilly and his fan base for I could never dignify such a belief system from a malfeasant pundit, but I will speak up for myself and many others who would agree that such insensitivity is morally and ethically depleting of our American spirit and most importantly our humanity.

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