What Are We Going To Do About It This Time? 🤔 🤨

In Defense of The Indefensible They Will Never Seek In Its Entirety To Condemn, Nor Repudiate Acts Of Whiteness

That would be akin to impeaching and removing President Donald J. Trump from office. And in lieu of protecting and ensuring human rights for all to enjoy unencumbered, the championing of its vanity and insanity remains phenomenally placable and awkwardly bearable, in fact that is what got its highest office personification in President Donald J. Trump.

They have more than shown this morose complicity of misplacing the rise of white supremacy violence and terrorism in the irremediable contexts of self preservation of a collective identity and pride. And along with its false narratives mired in political incorrectness, the sanctioning of absurd survival tactics written in manifestos and followed up by senseless killings has sustained itself through fear and loathing of the prospects of being an eradicated race by an emergent globalist humanity and its inherent confluence of non-white peoples.

That these preposterous notions have found deceptible legitimacy with all its remarkable mental gymnastics to attribute and posit lone wolf, or mental illness to the emboldened on the front lines of their racialized proxy war against humanity, is not merely disappointing but incredibly vexing. The emboldened on the front lines have simply been nurtured and coddled into this wayward and evil conjecture of racializations.

They will never fully attenuate the corruptible benefits and fraudulent social constructions of whiteness as a moral hazard to the constitutional underwriting of this ill-advised and defective social contract.

And Still No Matter What The Vanity And Insanity Of Whiteness Does We Will Never Shrink Away From Our Humanity

We will not tolerate this.

We will not acculturate to this.

We will not give in to this.

We will not concede to it.

No matter what it has temporally yielded for the callous misanthropic conscience of whiteness and its substitutes for the existential racialized hierarchies of collectives, it still remains evident that it has no intrinsic value, no tangible — let alone intangible significance, and certainly it has no credible basis in meaning to our existence.

We know what the motivated ignorance of whiteness and the like will continue to do but, we in our defiance and resistance will continue to do as we have always done in our existence and persistence towards humanity.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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