What Donald Trump’s base, the Republican Party, and the electoral college vote would like to have us believe Sherry is that Trump’s ideology — white supremacy and the racism that comes along with it — is just the way things are. Challenging these notions are provocative and disruptive on our part but acquiescing or remaining silent to it is symbolically American…and who doesn’t like to feel like an American?!

What is really transpiring here is an ardent upholding of symbolic violence, a form of oppression that uses the sincere fiction of Trumpism as a self-righteous image of Americanism or themselves (whiteness) with their narcissitic suppport. It is akin to the concept of misrecognition (Oxford Dictionary).

Misrecognition: A process of self-identification in which a subject assumes an identity they mistake for their own.

This dominant framing distorts the inequality and divisive race relations in the country by not mitigating it but by perpetuating it and herein lies the misrecognition.

Racial divisions are arbitrary social constructions and imposed social fictions. In the United States, social life is often understood in dichotomous terms — White versus non-White — with Whites seeing racial “others” as fairly monolithic.[3]

That’s an ironic problem for a nation of immigrants whose Founding Fathers explicitly sanctioned and justified the extermination of Native Americans and enslavement of African peoples.

Nevertheless, the narrative goes that, this is how we came to be. This is who we are and we are better for it— if you let them tell it.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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