What impresses them about Trump is laughably preposterous. The impression he leaves on them is a like an indelible stain. One that they shamelessly wear as a badge of honor. They are indeed impressed by what he has gotten away with and what he will continue to get away with. It is symbolic of what their political investments in callous institutions affords them in terms of this inculcated supremacism — with its patriarchy, privilege, and entitlement, all at the expense of subjugating others. It is important to note that without us — people of color — of whom they subjugate and marginalize, they would lack this racialist identity.

So if the self-deception of existential racialism were realized to be a chimerical myth or a psychedelic trip, what would they think of Trump then?

Everything that you have expressed about Trump is as verifiable as it is transparent. This observation of truth explicated is not pent up jealousy or rage predicated on their imposed psychological warfare of inferiority. The undeniable truth is that Trump is just a white collar criminal whose inherited wealth serves as a Matthew Effect of what he has succeeded in doing under a fraudulent social construct.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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