What!? Roy Moore Lost The U.S. Senate Race For Alabama, Get Out!

I Demand A Recount Just For Kicks And Giggles

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I thought Mr. Moore had it in the bag when the president of the United States stated and did what a dictator would do.

Aside from party politics or so-called loyalty, Roy Moore, one of the leading voices behind the birther movement, has a long and established career in the public’s eye as a circuit court judge and a Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court. He was removed from the bench twice from the Supreme Court of Alabama. In 2004 Mr. Moore was removed for not complying with a federal district court order to remove a monument (Ten Commandments monument)he commissioned with taxpayer money to be erected in the Alabama Supreme Court building shortly after taking office which essentially violated the separation of church and state principle, a violation of the First Amendment.

Another violation of judicial ethics occurred when Mr. Moore won the seat again in 2012, and again under his personal worldview publicly decried an order to recognize same-sex unions in 2015, and went as far as instructing probate courts to disregard federal court orders. You know what happened next? The Court of the Judiciary suspended the rest of his term, effectively a removal from the bench.

I don’t know much about Doug Jones and how he won because I know very little about him. Roy Moore has saturated the media by default. But didn’t the Dictator-in-Chief just tell the state of Alabama to do his bidding. I wonder what they were thinking.

Let’s see a breakdown of who the incumbent Democratic Senator of Alabama is thanking shall we.

Seriously, nah, Get Out! Let’s break this down even further.

Get Out!

And yes the term Get Out! being facetiously used is a double entendre.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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