What We Want Should Be What You Want

The distinction however appears maligned and non-inclusive resulting in disproportionate outcomes

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I can't speak for everybody. Definitely can't speak on the myriad of individual lived experiences that run under the recurring themes of inequality and injustice.

I can't specifically speak to whom you are referring to in this piece and that person can neither speak for me nor the collective but there is that recurring theme that can be spoken to. It is a pervasive sentiment of callousness or insouciance that threaten our interdependence as human beings.

That is upsetting on so many levels. Levels that you have cited for yourself in your own lived experience.

And although white Jewish females are subjected to some degree or scope of racism it has not been consequential enough to gather in unison and march in protest, resist in defiance nor exhort in concert both domestically and globally about a nonexistent systemic killing, brutality, criminalizing or institutional callousness that in turn would substantiate and decry that white jewish female lives matter. Instead, a safe space seems to have been carved out for them. A safe space has never been carved out for Black lives in particular and so a false equivalence is befuddling here.

The cover of whiteness — its acculturation and its alliance with an imagined and often contrasted common enemy — makes the white|Jewish|female an exception in the of () things. Most will liken this to a family dispute or internal dispute — casual discourse — because in the end when it comes to othering Blacks in particular, white people of all creed, sexual orientation, or politic seem to come together and to the same conclusion in allegiance to the racial and patriarchal hierarchy.

This paradox is disappointing, situationally ironic, frustrating and upsetting. The anger in all of this stems from the impatience and exhaustion of pointing out what is clear to see. Motivated ignorance seems to create blind spots to the complicity embedded in the silence, confusion, or ignorance over understanding and accepting the nuances and dynamics of Black Lives Matter.

Most rational, intelligent, appreciative, humanitarians don’t believe that there is some nor any value in race classifications and its subsequent rationale. It has no biological basis nor does it warrant some identitarian crisis, rather, it serves as a terrible of pseudo profound and quasi human groupings.

I don't want to think about racism, nor do I want to feel the racism. However I feel like I have no choice in the matter. I especially don't want to have to consider what white people are either thinking, feeling or contemplating when I am in their presence or for that matter about Black Lives Matter. I don't care about those disturbing dehumanizing or self-entitled, self-privileging feelings of supremacy or aggrandizement.I don’t care about the fragility nor fog it predisposes for whiteness. I shouldn’t care about how my calls for equality and justice might offend whiteness.

In fact, I don't want to feel the way that I do whenever I socially interact with humanity whether via the internet or in close contact. I don't want to be a victim. I don't want to be a statistic. I also don't want to be bothered, harassed, stereotyped, cautioned, questioned, constrained, nor held in contempt based on unsubstantiated notions, or ideologies that are based on the social construct of race.

I also don't want to be ignored, marginalized nor oppressed by votes, by perceived constitutional right, resentment, or hatreds either. Again I don't want to speak for everybody much less an entire collective of non-monolitic peoples. We want what you should want which is not exclusive for whites at the expense, detriment, disadvantage, and dehumanization of Blacks—we should all want equality, fairness, and justice for all.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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