When Does Or When Will Reality Settle In For Them

All Lives Matter is a tangential semblance of an implied or an inferred maintenance of the status quo

All Lives Matter is true only if Black Lives Matter

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson is a proponent of All Lives Matter,[7] as is Senator Rand Paul, who has claimed that Black Lives Matter “focused on the wrong targets.” Paul stated that “I think they should change their name maybe — if they were All Lives Matter, or Innocent Lives Matter.”[8] In 2016, presidential candidate (and subsequent president) Donald Trump claimed that “Black Lives Matter” is a divisive and racist term.[9]

This does not comport with the reality principle.

This explains why the likes of Ben Carson whom so otherworldly placates and aligns himself with the vanity and insanity of whiteness can be so motivationally ignorant as a person of color. Carson as well as his sponsors and groupthink affiliations with racializations have distorted views of reality due to their hyper-rationalizations that attempt to ward off an inconvenient truth. He is no different than a man who has rationalized smoking several packs of cigarettes a day knowing full well that it can lead to cancer (even though it actually says this on the carton).

Part of the reason why so many white Americans know so little about the Black experience in America is because they choose not to know. It is willful. For white people to not know that Black people are treated a particular way by the police means they are hiding under a rock. — Interview with Megan Ming Francis, June 26, 2020, Vox

“I hate Black people. I hate (n-word). I hate Black people,” the woman is heard saying in the video. A man is seen approaching the woman and she tells him, “You better kill that (n-word).”

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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